Thursday, January 27, 2011

Caulking: Not The Kid From Home Alone

So what exactly is Caulk? According to Wikipedia, caulking is described as several different processes to seal joints or seams in various structures and certain types of piping. The oldest form of caulking is used to make the seams in wooden boats or ships watertight, by driving fibrous materials into the wedge-shaped seams between planks. A related process was formerly employed to join sections of cast iron sewerage pipe.

When it comes to caulk provided in our Cabinet Hardware inventory is used for installing or repairing countertops. We sell Color Matching Laminate Caulk by three great companies: Wilsonart, Seamfil, and Colorflex. Below is a review of all three:

A new countertop is an investment in your home. Finishing it and maintaining it should be just as easy as the decision to use laminate. Wilsonart Color Matched Caulk is formulated to match all Wilsonart laminate patterns, as well as other Laminates For Countertops, floors, casework, tubs and showers. It is 100% siliconized acrylic and is stain, mold & mildew resistant. Best of all, there is no mixing required! Simply choose a color that is the same pattern name or number as your existing laminate and you are done.
Whether you are installing new countertops or resealing old ones, Colorflex has a custom caulk to match your laminate color. For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. We obsess and spend money to keep it looking its best. Part of kitchen maintenance is the upkeep of your laminate countertop. Acrylic latex caulk is used to seal inside corners and the perimeters of counters, vanity’s, and any other hardware. Colorflex caulk is perfect for filling gaps and sealing where counters meet walls, floors, cabinets, tile, or insets. There are charts available on that can assist to create the perfect match for your laminate countertop.
Seamfil laminate fixes nicks, fills seams and makes gouges disappear with an easy one part system. A great function of this laminate is that it bonds mechanically to laminate and becomes a permanent part of the laminate surface. In addition it resists moisture, detergents and other household cleaning products. Just like Colorflex, Seamfil provides color matching charts which aids in matching the perfect caulk for your specific laminate.
It is up to you to choose which caulking product matches your application the best. We have great Cabinet Hardware experts that you can help you every step of the way. Log on to today to check out these or other awesome products!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Closet Organization:Top 5 Products

Ever wanted to wear your lucky sweater but couldn’t find it in your unorganized closet? A cluttered and unorganized closet is not only unsightly but it affects your thought process.   An uncluttered closet and living space leads to an uncluttered mind and life.

At we want to help you banish clutter and introduce a sense of order into your home.  With our comprehensive collection of Closet Organization Hardware we can help you get organized!
Whether your home is old or new we have the right Cabinet Hardware to organize your closets and other storage areas.  Here are a few:

Pull-Out Hampers
The first step to getting your closet organized is getting your dirty clothes in order.  Keep dirty clothes off the closet or bathroom floor with this our great selection of pull-out hampers.  They will make keeping any area tidy and orderly! With choices in polymer, wire, wood and canvas, you are sure to find the right hamper for all your closet organizational needs.

Clothing Rods and Racks
We offer an innovative selection of closet hanging solutions.   Our selection incorporates everything from pull down closet rods to decorative valet hangers.  There are times when a plain old closet rod just does not work!  These are great for highlighting that special article of clothing or just lay out your outfit for the next day.  In addition these are great in laundry rooms when hanging clothes to dry or for simply organizing clean clothes.


Tie and Pants Rack
Pant Racks are the best option to keep your closet manageable.  Our pants rack come with full extension slides, in chrome or maple finishes, and can hold up to 18 pairs of pants.  Additionally, our Tie Racks are a multifaceted device that can also store belts.  They are perfect for keeping up with the important odds and ends that can get lost easily in closets. These organizers feature storage for ties and belts but it’s also great for other loose accessories such as your wallet, change watch or jewelry.  Tie racks are also available in maple and chrome finishes.

Jewelry Storage
Keep your precious diamonds safe and organized in one our Jewelry Storage products.   Keeping your jewelry organized and in meticulous condition is imperative to making your jewelry pop.  Our storage units are easily installed with system holes comes with full extension slides, drop-in installation of inserts, and soft maroon or blue velvet coverings.
Pull-Out Baskets
Pull-Out Baskets are great for storing towels and bed sheets.  These sleekly designed closet baskets combine heavy gauge wire construction with an innovative mounting system to outperform any closet basket on the market.  They are easily installed, easy to remove and reinstall (can use as a mini hamper), and comes with a clever bayonet mounting system.  They are available in Satin Nickel and Chrome.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beautiful Folding & Sliding Door Hardware

Grant Folding and Sliding Door Hardware by Hettich America is a magnificent addition to our ever growing Cabinet Hardware line here at!  Grant Folding and Sliding Door Hardware is manufactured to the highest standards, using high quality materials under rigid quality control conditions.

The Grant Door Hardware line offers a wide selection of folding and sliding door hardware solutions for single, bi-parting, by-passing and folding applications. Load capacities range from 25 pounds up to 1000 pounds.

In addition, Hettich America offers a very broad range when choosing sliding and folding door configurations. From the 50 lbs to 100 lbs rated 6000 and 7000 series to the precision ball bearing movement of the 300 lbs rated 5000 series Hettich provides sliding door hardware perfectly suited for any application.

Hettich America’s Sliding and Folding Door Hardware is manufactured to the highest standards, using high quality material under rigid quality control conditions.

But what is the best way to purchase this hardware?

You must first determine your application. How many doors? How thick are the doors? How heavy are the doors?

After your application has been decided on, you must choose the series that best suits your needs. Most series come with several purchasing options.

1. Track and hardware sets-This option includes a designated length of track and the complete hardware
    set needed for installation.
2. For longer track applications than shown in the sets, you must purchase your track and hardware set  
3. You can also purchase all components of the track and hardware sets separately if you need
     replacement parts or want to put together your own sets.

Hettich America offers a very broad range of sliding and folding door configurations for almost any application from residential to commercial applications.  Get the look you want with the quality you expect with Grant Folding and Sliding Door Hardware.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Workspace Solutions

An unorganized office can lead to a decrease in productivity which correlates with the loss of profits.  A cluttered and messy desk can also affect your state of mind.  You are more likely to make better decisions, be more focused, and prepared when your work space is ordered and structured.  But the tedious task of organizing your office can be daunting especially if you are not an organized person to begin with.

No worries! Organizing your home office or workplace is easy and affordable with hardware from   The great selection of Workspace Solutions in our Cabinet Hardware inventory will allow you to customize your space using everything from Cable Hole Grommets to Keyboard Trays.

Below is a list of items that will help solve the problem of your work space:

Monitor Arms
Monitor arms are an essential part of a complete ergonomic work station freeing up needed desk space and placing your monitor in the correct viewing position.  These devices ease neck strain from everyday computing.  The versatile line we carry will optimize your viewing angle, focal depth and monitor height with a wide range of sizes.   They come with convenient wire management components, a 360 degree swivel and mounts to various thickness of work surface.

Cable Hole Grommets
Cable Hole Grommets are used to protect your computer equipment in your work space.  Management grommets are not only functional but look great too.  Grommets are also used decoratively and can be bought from us at in a large variety of sizes, colors and finishes.  In addition, grommets make it convenient for pesky wires and cables to pass through your desk top for a tidy appearance.

Keyboard Trays
The proper ergonomic design of computer keyboards is necessary to prevent repetitive strain injuries, which can develop over time and can lead to long-term disability.  Our ergonomically designed keyboard system is perfect for the home office or workstations.  Some of our keyboard trays feature a cushioned palm rest, and multi-position keyhole mounting brackets which allow installation at a variety of heights.  Additionally, our keyboard trays can be used for all keyboard designs and are simple to add to existing furniture and work surfaces.

Rock n Stop Footrests
A Footrest is used to provide comfort to you while seated for long periods of time at work.  The Footrest provides front to back motion as well as the ability to stop in various positions along the way. This encourages movement while sitting stationary promoting circulation and muscle stimulation.  Our Footrest feature sturdy leg designs, grooved surface for non-skidding, a corrugated  strip on the bottom  preventing slippage, and available in 2 leg heights.

Hidden Power Center
No more crawling under desk or extension wires!  Our stylish Power-Tap Power Centers converts any desk, table or counter into a ready -to-access power center.   Simply rotate the Power-Tap and it is ready to use.  Ideal for any office environment, our Hidden Power Centers feature fire retardant ABS housing, Ethernet connections, 8 foot power cord, and 3 ground power outlets.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Soss by

At we partner with several manufacturers that offer awesome Cabinet Hardware.  Today we are giving you insight into a company that’s been around for more than 100 years.  

Soss History
During the past century, the Soss name has become the worldwide standard for invisible hinges, which began in 1903. A young Rumanian immigrant tripped and fell over a cargo hatch during an ocean voyage.   By the time the ship sailed into New York harbor, this young immigrant by the name of Joe Soss had built a prototype for the world's first invisible hinge.

He soon obtained a patent for his invention and established Soss manufacturing in New York.  To produce the hinges, Soss also developed the first die casting machine sold in North America.  Business boomed as Soss provided invisible hinges for popular companies such as Singer Sewing Machines, Otis Elevator, Burroughs Adding Machines, and Player Pianos became early customers. In addition the popular car maker Henry Ford used the hinge on the glove boxes of his early cars.

The invisible or sometimes called the concealed hinge also became widely used on jewelry cases, humidors, bookshelves that swing open to reveal hidden rooms, and even cargo holds on ship decks.

Eventually the clientele for Soss included notable establishments from the White House to Disneyland.  Over the years Soss grew into the leading invisible hinge provider for commercial buildings, government agencies, interior designers, engineers, and for personal households.  The Soss Company has stood solidly behind its products, and that includes the millions of hinges sold during the past century," said Neil Marko, great-grandson of the Joe Soss.  

Marko produces and distributes SOSS Invisible Hinges through his company, Universal Industrial Products, Incorporated. 

Soss Today & the Benefits
Soss says you can create superlative environments unencumbered with unsightly hardware.  The benefits of using invisible hinges are to generate clean, contemporary planes, blend smooth, flush surfaces and shape unsurpassed beauty.

According to them, their hinge is so exceptionally constructed, firmly anchored in a deep, full mortise, it can hold a 500-pound door.   With strength there's security and peace of mind because the invisible hinge can't be seen or cannot be tampered with.

Invisible Hinges helps create an environment that is both unique and beautiful.  A vast range of sizes and styles provide architects, cabinet makers, builders and manufacturers with multi-functional versatility and adaptability.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wood Products:Top 5

Decorative wood accents can help personalize and add style to your kitchen cabinets or furniture.  From corbels to knobs and pulls, has the perfect wood product to make an ordinary household into an extraordinary domicile. 

We have compromised a list of beautiful Wood Products that will make your home sizzle:

Hand carved wood knobs and pulls adds the perfect finishing touch to your cabinetry.  Available in a variety of wood species, they are easy to match with existing décor.  The authenticity of our hand-carved handles and knobs from Grand River will instantly add a touch of artistic detail to your or cabinetry.  These intricately carved pulls can be either stained or painted to match.

                                      Wood Corbel
Wooden Corbels are used to add visual definition to a space or soften the sharp edges of your architecture.   Since the 12th century Corbel were cleverly used to accentuate but also support a projecting wall.  In modern times they can be used to dress up shelves, countertops, fireplace mantels and much more.  Use our Wooden Corbels to highlight cabinet detail or accent the wood type of the specific project on hand. Wood Corbel Appliqués are magnificent decor-enhancing pieces!

Whether it is for new construction or a remodeling project, incorporating Kitchen Island Turnings into your design is a great way to achieve architectural detail. Choose from a variety of styles and species suitable for kitchen islands, cabinet accents, mantles, bars and furniture! Kitchen Island Turnings are available split for custom projects and the new hollow turnings are not only lighter-weight, but offer a convenient way to conceal wiring.

                                               Wood Tambour Doors
A Wood Tambour Door is an up-and-over door made of narrow horizontal slats and "rolls" up and down by sliding along vertical tracks and is typically found in cabinets.  At we have a selection of the finest Tambour Doors on the market.  All doors are cloth backed, hand sanded and ready to finish. We also offer an array of track systems for appliance garage or most any tambour application.  When choosing a Tambour Door note that slat length refers to the right to left dimension of the Tambour Door. Height refers to the top to bottom dimension of the Tambour Door. 

Wood Veneer is a diverse product that’s also good for our planet. The use of Wood Veneer stretches the use of timber resources.   The more veneer used, the fewer trees need to be consumed.   Produced by Flexible Materials, Wood Veneers have set the standard for best quality, reliability and selection in the industry. With our fine selection of backed Wood Veneer sheets, we can fulfill most any project need.  

Buy with confidence from knowing that special measures are taken to ensure the safe arrival of your Wood Product directly to your home or job site!  Log on to now to see more of our Cabinet Hardware collections!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why is Susan so Lazy?

When most people hear the name Lazy Susan they think of an inactive and sluggish person by the name of Susan. WRONG! Lazy Susan is actually a clever name for a particular type of hardware.  Some are designed for dinner table tops but in the case of it’s a part of our Kitchen Storage and Cabinet Hardware collections.

So what exactly is a Lazy Susan?

A Lazy Susan is a rotating circular tray to assist in the effortless organization of your kitchen cabinets.  You no longer have to clamor and grumble trying to fetch that pot that’s lodged in the back of your kitchen cabinet.

There is a rich and interesting history on the origin of the term Lazy Susan.  The term first appeared in print in the popular magazine Vanity Fair in 1917.  It was an ad for a "Revolving Server or Lazy Susan", although the hardware existed since the 18th century.

Before the word Lazy Susan was used, these devices were known humorously as “dumbwaiters”, which in modern terms is a mini elevator that transports food.

There is no particular evidence as to who the term Susan refers too. But it is said that “Susan” was a half-mandarin mistress of an English doctor who brought this device with her from her Far East homeland and the term was built from her name.

Nonetheless that’s an old wives tale and there is no historical fact to prove the origin of the term.
Lazy Susans are typically installed in corner cabinets on which the shelves are mounted on a vertical axle where the items are retrieved by pushing on the shelves to turn them.

When closed, this type of Lazy Susan appears to be two normal cabinets at right angles to each other. When pushed on, the cabinet 'doors' reveal the shelves, which are circular except for the ninety degree cut-out where the doors are mounted. Nifty little things aren’t they?

At, we have put together a product selection of Lazy Susans that are revered as the best in the industry. Our selection stands for exceptional quality and unfaltering durability.

Our inventory includes all types such as D-Shape, Full Circle, Half Moon, Kidney and Pie-Cut designs to accommodate any cabinet.  We also have an abundance of material choices such as wood, polymer and chrome to accommodate any cabinet style and cabinet size.

Log on to today to see our full selection of Lazy Susans and much more of our Cabinet Hardware inventory! See ya there!