Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Replacing Drawer Slides: 5 Easy Tips

Have a broken Drawer Slide?  Don’t know how to fix it?  Why pay an expensive carpenter or repairman to fix it when we, at CabinetParts.com, can help you fix it with our blog!?

First off, Drawer Slides sometimes called Drawer Glides is the device needed to keep a drawer from accidently being pulled fully from the furniture it is installed within.  Damaged drawer slides have an annoying way of reminding you that they need to be fixed. 


Depending on the usage, load amount, workmanship or installation of the Drawer Slide some manufacturers will replace it at equal or lesser value or even for free based on the warranty. 

Typically, the problem is simple that one or more of the mounting screws on the slide has fallen out which you can easily fix by replacing the screws. In other cases the drawer slides have become dented, rusted, weathered or broken. 

If this occurs, the best solution is to replace the old slide with a new one. And of course you can get that slide or glide, whatever you prefer, from CabinetParts.com! (shameless self promotion).
Anyways back to the task at hand! So how does one replace a Drawer Slide?

Generally speaking, the smoothest, most unproblematic Drawer Slide is the prefabricated metal ball-bearing slide sets that attach to the drawer bottom, center or sides.  This all depends on your drawer’s construction and current type of drawer slide that you are using.

First: Remove the drawer by pulling it out and then lifting the front to separate the drawer from its track.

Second: Check the slides on the drawer and inside the cabinet. If they’re just crooked and misshaped you can easily reshape them with a pair of pliers and slide the drawers back into the cabinet.

Third: If something is broken, unscrew the slides both from the drawer and from the cabinet.

Forth: Buy replacements at CabinetParts.com or any other suitable supplier. Be sure to take along one complete glide (both halves) as a sample of what you’ll need.

Fifth and finally, once you obtain your new Drawer Slide screw the new glides to the drawer and slide the drawer back into the cabinet.

There you have it!  Five simple and easy tips you can use to replace your Drawer Slides.  Eliminate the expensive repairman by following these tips.

CabinetParts.com has is the industry leader in Cabinet Hardware and Accessories since 1997!  Check us out today!

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