Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Excellent Customer Service by CabinetParts.Com

Saying that we are perfectionist at CabinetParts.com is a severe understatement.  Just look at our Resellers Rating.  We are ranked 9.85 out of 10 for stellar customer service and products by over 200 hundred consumers.   This didn’t happen by accident.  It’s because we strive endlessly to satisfy our customers on all questions and concerns. 

There are many customer friendly services we provide at CabinetParts.com.  Below are a two of the distinctive services we provide:

One of the reasons why we are so unique as a company is our Hinge Matching service.   We help customers identify what hinge they have and offer suggestion for a replacement hinge.  There are many factors that individuals need to know when replacing a hinge. 

With our Hinge Replacement Service customers can fill out a Hinge Locator Form and find the exact hinge they need.  If this is to no avail, customers can mail their hinge to us directly and we will match your hinge for you.  This service is free of charge and CabinetParts.com is one of the only Cabinet Hardware retailers that offer this service.

Product Filter
Another great service we offer is the Product Filter Service titled “Find The Perfect Item”.  We have an inventory with thousands and thousands of exceptional products.  Finding that ideal item can be tiresome and laboring.  That’s why we have our product filter feature that will navigate you to precisely what you are looking for.

You can choose product manufacturer, colors, finishes, and product size.  After making your specifications, items with your criteria will populate.  Another great addition to this feature is the “Save Filter” option.  This allows you to save your search and receive a unique web address.  This web address saves your search allowing you to come back or share your search with others.

At CabinetParts.com we like to provide our customers with excellence.  These are just some of the services we provide. 

Log on to CabinetParts.com to see more our exclusive products and services.

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