Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why Do-It-Yourself?

Regular everyday citizens who survive check to check cannot afford to hire a Cabinet Hardware professional or repairman to make costly fixes, especially in a recessive economy.  But one thing we pauperized citizens can afford are the hardware needed to make these fixes.  So why not turn your repairs into a Do-It-Yourself project?  With free resources available all over the web such as blogs, DIY projects are easier than you think.

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 Taking on a DIY project shouldn’t be just for financial reasons (it’s a great starting place though) but it should be to learn and experience new things.  Furthermore, the feeling you get from completing a project from start to finish is priceless.  You will also learn new skills and maybe take up a new hobby like cabinet making or wood working.  Who knows? It might turn into a new career move!

Did you know that the term “Do-It-Yourself” was coined in the fifties?  There was a shift in modern culture and individuals started doing home repairs and projects independently.  The DIY culture continued to rise in popularity throughout the sixties and seventies especially among college students. It became a social movement.  

Surprisingly, DIY begun from the “punk” movement of the seventies where musicians took certain initiatives into their own hands.  It was a way for young people to give back and renovate rundown communities.  Do-It-Yourself evolved into an expression of a vision for a better environment. 

This spawned a new societal interest in DIY.  Books and magazines illustrating home improvement skills and techniques were a hot commodity in the seventies.

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As time progressed into the nineties, DIY became a phenomenon with the introduction of the World Wide Web.  People shared information and DIY ideas all over the web.  Today, there are thousands if not millions of websites with free resources to aid anyone with a computer with DIY projects.

The DIY phenom is still growing and spilling into other areas such as weddings, mechanics, and the media to name a few.  It’s taking matters into your own hand.  Why pay for an expensive professional when you can Do-It-Yourself!  Plus you learn a plethora of things during the process.

Just remember there are times you might feel frustrated or feel like giving up but I urge you to stay committed.  It will pay off tremendously in the end.

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