Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Aventos Advantage

There are many advantages to getting a Aventos Lift System by Blum from  There are a couple of different lift systems available in our Cabinet Hardware inventory:

Aventos HL by Blum
The HL lift up system for doors is available with a height range of 11-13/16"-22-13/16" and a width range of 15"-72". It can be used with either panel or face frame cabinets with standard doors or aluminum frame doors.  Aventos HL covers all common widths & heights, including wide cabinets with 5 different lift mechanisms & 4 arm assemblies which simplifies planning & ordering.

Also, because this system opens parallel to the cabinet, it can be used in wall cabinets, in a pantry or below another Aventos cabinet. On the countertop it can be used for an appliance garage. Thankfully, Blum has provided a downloadable Excel spreadsheet to help you calculate exactly what parts are needed for your application, as well as mounting locations for the parts.

Saving time and money is easy when installing and adjusting your Aventos HL. All you need is a little know-how; the average homeowner can purchase and install this system without hiring an expensive handyman.

Aventos HS by Blum
The difference between the HL and the HS is that the HS is an up and over lift system for doors.  It has a height range of 13-3/4″-31-0/2″ and a width range of 15″-72″. This system can be used with either panel or face frame cabinets with standard doors or aluminum frame doors.

There are many advantages to this system.  Aventos HS covers all common door widths and heights with a program of 9 lift mechanisms and 1 arm assembly which of course makes planning and ordering easy.
With this system, storage space is optimized in wall cabinets, even wall cabinets as small as 20″ can contain a shelf.

An excel spreadsheet is also available for the HS as well.  Aventos HS is easy to install and adjust, which saves time and money. With a little know-how, this system can be purchased and installed by a homeowner.

Another addition to this system is that it has been engineered to work with cabinets that incorporate decorative crown molding.

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