Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CabinetParts.com: Our History

We've told you why over and over again why you should choose Cabinetparts.com. Yea, we have great customer service, awesome prices, and the best products. But where did all of this come from?  What are the roots of CabinetParts.com?

Well today you are gonna learn a little bit more about our foundation!

What started in 1997 by answering the question of "Honey when are you going to fix the %&#$% cabinet door hinge?" has evolved into one of the largest on-line Cabinet Hardware distributors in the world!  With over 20,000 products and customers in 28 countries, we have established ourselves as one of, if not the best in what we do!

We owe this growth to a great team that works hard at constantly improving on our original commitment to provide top quality innovative products, sound technical support, and the best possible service to our customers.

We have some of the most eclectic group of cabinet hardware experts that are employed here at Cabinetparts.com.  One of the most eclectic of us all is the engine that drives the train which is our Founder and President Pat Abbe.  Described as the  Renaissance Man (or Cave Man) depending on who you talk to, Pat spent most of his life working in the leather and furniture making trades while living in Mystic, Connecticut.

He graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with an engineering degree and put it to good use (oozing sarcasm) when he moved to Florida in the early 80's to be a carpenter (hippie).

He established himself as a successful business owner specializing in custom high-end woodworking during the "excessive 80's".   While surfing Al Gore's Internet in the early 90's a fluorescent (energy efficient) light bulb lit up and Pat turned his attention to computers and the world-wide-web.

This led to birth of CabinetParts.com.  Over the years we have struggled and made it through the tough times which led to a steady growth over the past 14 years.

Even with our great growth Cabinetparts.com has maintained its small company atmosphere and sense of fun for all who work here.  Now over 13 years and 4 moves later we are just as excited about our future today as we were back in 97.

It is our mission here at cabinetparts.com to continue to provide you with the best products and customer service our company was founded on!

We implore you to log on to learn more about us and check out our magnificent inventory!

LOOK: Our original website design from 1997!

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