Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Closet Organization:Top 5 Products

Ever wanted to wear your lucky sweater but couldn’t find it in your unorganized closet? A cluttered and unorganized closet is not only unsightly but it affects your thought process.   An uncluttered closet and living space leads to an uncluttered mind and life.

At we want to help you banish clutter and introduce a sense of order into your home.  With our comprehensive collection of Closet Organization Hardware we can help you get organized!
Whether your home is old or new we have the right Cabinet Hardware to organize your closets and other storage areas.  Here are a few:

Pull-Out Hampers
The first step to getting your closet organized is getting your dirty clothes in order.  Keep dirty clothes off the closet or bathroom floor with this our great selection of pull-out hampers.  They will make keeping any area tidy and orderly! With choices in polymer, wire, wood and canvas, you are sure to find the right hamper for all your closet organizational needs.

Clothing Rods and Racks
We offer an innovative selection of closet hanging solutions.   Our selection incorporates everything from pull down closet rods to decorative valet hangers.  There are times when a plain old closet rod just does not work!  These are great for highlighting that special article of clothing or just lay out your outfit for the next day.  In addition these are great in laundry rooms when hanging clothes to dry or for simply organizing clean clothes.


Tie and Pants Rack
Pant Racks are the best option to keep your closet manageable.  Our pants rack come with full extension slides, in chrome or maple finishes, and can hold up to 18 pairs of pants.  Additionally, our Tie Racks are a multifaceted device that can also store belts.  They are perfect for keeping up with the important odds and ends that can get lost easily in closets. These organizers feature storage for ties and belts but it’s also great for other loose accessories such as your wallet, change watch or jewelry.  Tie racks are also available in maple and chrome finishes.

Jewelry Storage
Keep your precious diamonds safe and organized in one our Jewelry Storage products.   Keeping your jewelry organized and in meticulous condition is imperative to making your jewelry pop.  Our storage units are easily installed with system holes comes with full extension slides, drop-in installation of inserts, and soft maroon or blue velvet coverings.
Pull-Out Baskets
Pull-Out Baskets are great for storing towels and bed sheets.  These sleekly designed closet baskets combine heavy gauge wire construction with an innovative mounting system to outperform any closet basket on the market.  They are easily installed, easy to remove and reinstall (can use as a mini hamper), and comes with a clever bayonet mounting system.  They are available in Satin Nickel and Chrome.

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