Friday, January 7, 2011

The Tandembox Wizard!

One of our more innovative Drawer Slides Systems is the Tandembox Drawer Slides by Blum.   Described as beauty and strength in one design by Blum the Tandembox system satisfies the demand for design & function.   At we sell a variety of these innovative products.

Integrated with the BLUMOTION technology, these drawers close silently and effortlessly and that’s why we like them.

So what’s the big deal about BLUMOTION?  Here is what Blum has to say about it:

Silent and effortless closing:
BLUMOTION redefines the term “quality of motion”. The system is quick and easy to install and once installed, creates a quiet and effortless closing motion that adjusts itself automatically to each door size, weight and closing speed.

Slow closing speed:
The braking system expands slightly generating only modest resistance to the flow. The BLUMOTION effect is controlled via the flow speed and in this case, remains low.

Fast closing speed:
The braking system expands which constricts the flow channel to create greater resistance. This results in a strong BLUMOTION effect.

Closing speed that is too fast:
The overload safety feature kicks in. The excessive force is diverted using an additional flow channel and both BLUMOTION and the hinge, drawer runner, or lift system are protected from damage.

That is some awesome technology!  Apart from the features and benefits listed above offers a Tandembox Wizard!

The Tandembox Wizard is basically a Drawer Slide Set Creator based on your specifications.  This wizard will walk you through the steps to build your Tandembox solution. At the end wizard tool will allow you to go back and create your next custom drawer.

No worries!  With our Tandembox wizard you only have to make the drawer bottoms & the back. The wizard will supply you with all the hardware to build your Tandembox drawer system.

Blum, Inc. is ISO 9001certified which means that Blum assures consistent quality in every Blum product. As with all Blum hardware, Tandembox drawers are backed with a lifetime guarantee!  You can’t beat that!

Also, they exceed the requirements of ANSI-BHMA standards for cycle life, static load and self-closing performance.

Partnering with Blum, strives to provide you with optimal customer service and top quality Cabinet Hardware.

Log on now to see more of our top notch products. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

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