Tuesday, November 16, 2010

History of Wood Working by CabinetParts.com

Woodworking is a relatively easy word to define: it’s the process of building, making, or carving something using wood.  Wood is actually one of the first materials utilized by humans.

The art of woodworking existed since the dawn of man.  As humans evolved and grew more civilized, the skill set needed to wood work increased considerably.  One of the first examples of modernized wood carvings was wooden folding chairs found in Denmark. 

Traditional German Cabinet

The Chinese and the Egyptians were two ancient civilizations that used a great amount of wood working in their respective cultures.   Woodworking is specifically significant to the ancient Egyptian cultures.  They used woodworking to make furniture such as chairs, tables, beds, chests and even coffins.  In addition the art of wood working is depicted frequently in their drawings.

The Chinese were also very involved in wood working.  Their concentration in the field of wood working was targeted more to the aesthetic value rather than the technical value.  Most of their carvings included flower pots, altars, and tables.  Additionally, the Chinese included concepts of Feng Shui in their wood working practice.  

Furniture was a “want” and not a “need” in Europe and North America, hence the lack of American wood workers in that era.  The rich aristocracy was the only individuals able to afford furniture.  There was a leap in popularity as the industrial revolution came about.  On the positive side, furniture became affordable for less economically advanced people because of the industrial revolution. 

Furniture was mass produced which watered down the quality of furniture.  But the demand for unique and finely made furniture went up.  The middle class yearned for traditional cabinet makers.  This shift in modernization increased the need for finely made furniture.

After World War II the art of wood working became a growing new hobby amongst Americans and it’s been growing exponentially ever since.

Today, wood working has become an impassioned hobby for those who partake in it.  There are countless wood working associations, groups, businesses, and regular everyday citizens who share the enthusiasm and passion for wood working.

Modern Cabinets

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