Monday, November 15, 2010

What's Cabinet Hardware?

When people hear the words cabinet hardware, they’re not quite sure what that includes.   Have no fear; is here to save the day!  By the end of our blog today you will understand cabinet hardware and its components.

According to Wikipedia, hardware is described as “metal fittings incorporated into a cabinet extraneous of the wood or engineered wood countertop”.   In more simple terms, cabinet hardware is the extra stuff other than the wood needed to make a cabinet operational.  This includes: hinges, knobs, pulls, drawer slides and glides.  But at we take it a little further also providing laminates for countertops, lighting for cabinets, kitchen storage, wood veneer, catches and latches.  Today we are focusing on the 3 main components needed.

There is no component more important for your cabinets than the hinge.  A hinge is a bearing that connects two objects allowing for a limited angle of rotation.  Hinges can be made out of a variety of materials with the most common being metal but some can be made from flexible materials.  At we have 6 different categories of hinges from all major manufacturers.  They are as follows: European, Traditional, Invisible, Special Application, Glass Door, and Knife cabinet hinges.

Knobs and Pulls
Another major component for your cabinets are the Knobs and Pulls. Our knobs and pulls collection at Cabinet Parts are made not only for elegance and beauty but with ergonomic features for easier handling.  There are 3 universal requirements for a well constructed knob or pull:

     1.   Adequate strength to support the object where it can transmit the force needed to perform its duty.
      2.  A small circumference to aid the hand to surround the knob or pull far enough to grip it as solidly as need to exert that force.
       3.  Enough length to allow for hands to grip the knob or pull.
As we all know, drawers are built into furniture to store specific items and are pulled out horizontally.  Drawer Slides and Glides are a necessary component to for an optimal performing drawer.   They are installed on the interior of the cabinet and on the side of drawers.

We have over 8 categories of slides and glides at Cabinet Parts from Metal slides to technologically advance Servo-Drive drawer slides that feature a silent slow-motion closing feature.

Hopefully this has assisted you in understanding all the major components needed to make an awesome cabinet.  At it’s our mission to provide optimal customer service and information to help your decision making

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