Friday, November 19, 2010

Popular Drawer Slides

Drawer Slides (Glides) is defined as the apparatus needed to keep a drawer from accidently being pulled fully from the furniture it is installed within.  Traditional drawer slides were wooden and needed constant lubrication with paraffin wax.  

In modern times furniture that require drawers are installed with plastic or metal drawer slides.   In addition, drawer slides are categorized by the way they are mounted which we will discuss later in the blog.
We offer a huge selection of drawer slides at from all the top manufacturers.   

We make choosing the right slide for your application easy with our filter system. we have exactly what you need to complete your cabinetry or furniture project.  With a couple of clicks you can cut down down your selection by product type and load capacity.

We have a full and comprehensive inventory of what we offer.  Here is a list of some of our offerings:

Known as the most popular type of drawer slides, Side Mount Drawer Slides are mostly used in kitchens. Side Mount Drawer Slides are available in a wide assortment of lengths, extensions, weights, and durability.  They are typically mounted outside of the drawer sides and on the interior of the cabinet. The slides are very visible when the drawers are open.

Undermount Drawer Slides are just as effortless to install as Center Mount Drawer Slides.  These slides are a great option compared to Center Mount Drawer Slides when you need more weight capacity. Undermount Drawer Slides fit on the inside edge of the drawer’s sides.  You attach it to the bottom of the drawer.

Euro underside drawer slides are inexpensive and easy to install.  They mount directly to the bottom of the drawer side, and to the inside side of the furniture. These drawer slides are typically inexpensive and very easy to install.   This Cabinet Hardware is somewhat noticeable, as it is low down on the side of the drawer.

Somewhat self explanatory, Center Mount Drawer Slides are mounted, you guessed it, under the center of the drawer. Center mount slides are in general the lightest slides you can purchase. The Center Mount Drawer Slides are invisible from the top. They are great choices when you want a hidden slide in a light to medium weight category.

At we are the industry leader in all cabinet accessories and hardware!

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