Monday, November 22, 2010

Pat's Sustainable Living Home by!

At we are very very big on eco-friendly initiatives.  We recycle, we try to be as paperless as possible with our inter office correspondence and we support everything green.  Recently our President, Pat Abbe, built a sustainable living home in Victor, Montana with the same products we sell at  

He recently wrote a blog and provided pictures about his experience and his journey:

“Well it has been awhile since last update.  I am happy to report that the house is almost finished and we have been living here since mid June.  Just some minor bath cabinets and trim to go.  I forgot one important part of this house building experience and that is you still need furniture. Ha.  Something to do next year meanwhile camp chairs have worked well.  

I need to mention some pretty incredible discoveries and confirmation of the design.  As we designed a Sustainable home one which is Super Insulated we have gotten to test it out this summer and more recently this fall.  During the summer with the temperature outside at 95º  the temp inside only got up to  78º.  We would open the windows at night and close them during the day.  Because we have an HRV system installed by Energetechs we always had fresh air during the day.  

 No AC and we were comfortable.   As an aside our windows are triple pane argon filled from Gienow. And there are plenty of them.  Even with the sun shining on them they never heated up like single pane glass.  Pretty incredible stuff.

But the really fun begins now as winter starts.  Last weekend the temperature outside ranged from 34º  to 64º  for 48 hours.  The temperature inside never dropped below 71º and we did not use the heat or fire up the wood stove.  We figured that during the winter if the heat went off and no one was home.  It would take about 2 weeks for the temperature to get below 50º

The conclusion is if you are building new look into insulation and a sealed house.  Our  blower door test had a .6ACH/50.  I think that the biggest change in sealing up houses from previous attempts is the fresh air system.  You always have fresh air and the system only uses about the same electricity as 2 – 100 watt bulbs per year.  So if you live in Western Montana talk with Russ or Tom Hellem at Energetechs.  They are building a house in Missoula that has 18” thick walls and roof .  Check them out.

The kitchen was designed by Mark Stalter and me and built by Mark’s brother Tab (Tab Blacks Home Improvement) from Hollidaysburg PA. The kitchen is truly of magazine quality.  All the hardware is from an online Cabinet Hardware company which is a one stop shopping for all kitchen and cabinet hardware or accessories.  Most of the hardware used in the kitchen has just been released in the US.   Pretty over the top.   The Servo Drive from Blum for the waste containers is pretty cool. You just nudge it with your knee and it opens.”

To read the conclusion of his blog and loads more pictures please follow this link:

At we implore you to take as much initiative as you can to keep our environment safe by practicing sustainable living and by making more eco-friendly choices.

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