Monday, December 27, 2010

Choose 5 Reasons Why

Why should you choose  As a leading Cabinet Hardware supplier, provides multiple resources to assist our customers with a multitude of questions and concerns.  Providing 100% satisfaction guaranteed customer service is a goal we strive for everyday.  We put in place specific resources on several different platforms to better serve you.  Here is a list of services initiated to better serve our dynamic customers:

Social Networks is now on many of the Social Networks that our customers use daily.  We are currently members of: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, and Blogger.  Being a part of the social networks help us to reach out to our customers on a less corporate level.  Even better, we can answer all questions and concerns or direct you to the right professional on any of our social networks.  Fan us, tweet us, tube us, and write us, whatever you have to say good or bad, you can be assured that you can contact us through any of our social networks.

Mentioned above was our Blogger blog but in addition to that we have two separate blogs located on our site.  There is the “What’s New” blog and the “How-To” blog.  The reason for having these blogs is to better assist our customers (of course).   Our “What’s New” blog provides new products added to our inventory, new company information and any other new news.  The more resourceful of the blogs is our “How-To” blog which provides needed information on product replacements and other do it yourself suggestions.

Hinge Replacement Service
Another great service that’s been mentioned before is our Hinge Matching Service.   It’s designed to assist customers who have problems identifying what hinge they have and offer suggestion for a replacement hinge.  Just give us a call, drop us an email or send a photo in directly and one of product specialist will be glad to help you find the right hinge.

Also a part of our social networks is our YouTube channel.  Our YouTube channel provides extremely useful “How-To” videos and Product videos to better serve you.  How do you replace that pesky hinge?  Log on to our YouTube channel and watch as David ( version of Time the Tool Man Taylor) show you how!

Product Filter
Our inventory has thousands and thousands of fabulous products.  Locating that ideal product through an extensive catalog like ours can be a bit time consuming.  Have no fear our product filter is here to save the day!  There are many options to choose from to minimize your search. You can even save your search and come back to it later.

We have many reasons why one should choose for all their Cabinet Hardware needs.  See why we are the #1 Cabinet Hardware supplier on the net by logging on now!


  1. Great products, service. I actually look forward to this part of my next job/project as I learn the latest in what is available and such a pleasurable experience.