Friday, December 3, 2010

Tools: 10 Essential Wood Working Tools

Having basic tools are absolutely essential to the success of great wood working pieces.  From beginners to well seasoned professionals, every wood worker should have these 10 Essential Tools:

When removing pieces from small areas, smoothing edges, or creating the exact corner on your piece, having chisel set is a must have tool in your shop.  Instead of just an individual chisel purchase a set with varying sizes.

Tape Measure
If possible, purchase a retractable tape measure of about 25 feet long.  It should have both Standard and Metric markings, a locking mechanism and a slightly loose hook on the end of the tape. A tape measure is fundamental and is used to take internal or external measurements.

Screw Driver
This one is kind of self explanatory.  Even if you’re not a woodworker keeping a set of screwdrivers are needed to remove or add screws.  From Phillips to Flatheads, screwdrivers are fairly inexpensive and needed in every shop if not, in every home.   

Saw (Circular, Band, Table, Tenon, Dovetail, Saber)
Just like screwdrivers, having a saw is needed in every shop. Saws are great for making unique shapes and designs in wood particularly a band saw.  Not everyone can afford all the saws listed above but the more the merrier.

Power Drill
A common house hold tool, a power tool is another essential needed in your shop.  These are really convenient for drilling holes and they come cordless.

Dust Collector
Dust collectors make clean up so much faster. You can purchase one or you can make one using an oscillating fan and an air filter.  Dust Collectors cut down cleaning significantly and they also make your working environment healthier.

A lathe is great for woodturning and smoothing surfaces. There can be very specific uses when using a lathe but when you have a good lathe, it can make any project simple and quick.

Claw Hammer
Probably the most popular tool amongst wood workers, a claw hammer is a versatile hammer with a smooth, slightly rounded finish head. It’s the most popular hammer and most people should already have one in their home, and is used for both hammering nails and removing nails.

A level assures that a piece of stock is perfectly horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb.  There are 2 types of levels available: a long level ranges from 28 to 36 inches and a short level is about 6 inches.

Utility Knife
Lastly, a Utility Knife is a versatile cutting device that can be used for scribing a mark in a piece of wood work piece, cleaning up a hinge mortise or anything else it is needed for.
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