Friday, January 14, 2011

Dress Up Fridays!

Umm What?

At we are always at the ahead of the pack with new ideas!  As a web company who sells Cabinet Hardware, we tend to be more eclectic than regular corporate offices.

We don’t have to wear business casual to work every day (YAY!)  Its saves time in the morning, our employees are more comfortable at work, and simply put, it’s just awesome.

But sometimes we feel left out of the corporate shuffle when it comes to our attire.  There is nothing like wrinkles free business suit to make a man or woman feel powerful.  That’s why we came up with the concept of Dress Up Fridays!  We re-invented the casual Friday trend with one of our own.

Even though our campaign was just for one Friday, it turned out to be a massive success.  It was filled with fun and productivity had by all.

Web Department
Who knew the nerds and geeks could clean up so well?  Just a great looking bunch of people here at Cabinet Parts.  Even more surprising we got our web geeks to participate, some more excited than others.

We are the #1 Cabinet Hardware and Accessory seller on the web because our employees are happy!  Just look at their faces in the picture.  They can’t contain there excitement because they work for such an awesome company.
Does your company have dress up Fridays?  If not well that’s just too bad :-).

By the way, we sell the most fabulous and dynamic Hinges, Drawer Slides, Kitchen Storage, Knobs and Pulls selection and much much more!

To see the rest of our fun Dress Up Friday photos check out our Facebook Page and “Like” us!  You know you do.

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