Monday, January 17, 2011

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One of the world’s leading producers of decorative surfacing products is Wilsonart International. As a top seller of Wilsonart products, would like to tell you a little bit about the wonderful people at Wilsonart.

Wilsonart International was founded as a producer of high pressure decorative laminates in 1956.  The company was founded by a retired laminate industry executive by the name of Ralph Wilson, Sr. in Temple, Texas.  Wilson’s intent was never to build a major competitor, it was to fill his free time doing something he loved and as a hobby.

Throughout the 1960s, Wilson’s “hobby” grew dramatically utilizing a formula dedicated to local work force, high-quality products and an old-fashioned commitment to customer service.

Known as Ralph Wilson Plastics Company in the beginning, Wilsonart was founded on the promise to deliver “laminate anywhere in the United States in 10 days or less.” To fulfill their promise, the company purchased and still maintains its own fleet of delivery trucks in North America today.

Their warehouse system, comprising of 15 facilities in North America, was established to respond to diverse market conditions and maintain a vast inventory of laminates close to every customer.

The 70’s brought the real drive to establish what has become the world’s finest network of independent wholesale distributors of building materials.

These distributors (including number to more than 200 across the globe.  The great folks at Wilsonart attribute their success as the personification of marketing with the same ideals and service philosophy on which Wilsonart was founded.

As the 80’s were fast approaching Wilsonart had become one of the nation’s leading brands of decorative laminates in the US.   They built a new manufacturing plant in North Carolina that is over 500,000 square feet in size.

The 80’s markedly was the beginning of product diversification for Wilsonart International.  The company’s line of readily available solid colors and patterns was instituted and has become, in large part, an industry standard for design direction.  By the 1990s, Wilsonart International’s product diversification sped up to meet new market opportunities.

International expansion also became an important new focus in the 1990’s.  By the year 2000, Wilsonart had established a global network through major off-shore investments in acquisitions and Greenfield operations.  Wilsonart expanded to Europe, Australia, Asia, South and Central America and also acquiring big name competitors like the Arborite Company (which we now sell at

Wilsonart states that “In this global economy, and as our major customers expand internationally, we are becoming increasingly successful in developing international business with our customers.”

Wilsonart’s mission is “To Serve our People, To Serve our Company and To Serve our Customers.”
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