Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why is Susan so Lazy?

When most people hear the name Lazy Susan they think of an inactive and sluggish person by the name of Susan. WRONG! Lazy Susan is actually a clever name for a particular type of hardware.  Some are designed for dinner table tops but in the case of it’s a part of our Kitchen Storage and Cabinet Hardware collections.

So what exactly is a Lazy Susan?

A Lazy Susan is a rotating circular tray to assist in the effortless organization of your kitchen cabinets.  You no longer have to clamor and grumble trying to fetch that pot that’s lodged in the back of your kitchen cabinet.

There is a rich and interesting history on the origin of the term Lazy Susan.  The term first appeared in print in the popular magazine Vanity Fair in 1917.  It was an ad for a "Revolving Server or Lazy Susan", although the hardware existed since the 18th century.

Before the word Lazy Susan was used, these devices were known humorously as “dumbwaiters”, which in modern terms is a mini elevator that transports food.

There is no particular evidence as to who the term Susan refers too. But it is said that “Susan” was a half-mandarin mistress of an English doctor who brought this device with her from her Far East homeland and the term was built from her name.

Nonetheless that’s an old wives tale and there is no historical fact to prove the origin of the term.
Lazy Susans are typically installed in corner cabinets on which the shelves are mounted on a vertical axle where the items are retrieved by pushing on the shelves to turn them.

When closed, this type of Lazy Susan appears to be two normal cabinets at right angles to each other. When pushed on, the cabinet 'doors' reveal the shelves, which are circular except for the ninety degree cut-out where the doors are mounted. Nifty little things aren’t they?

At, we have put together a product selection of Lazy Susans that are revered as the best in the industry. Our selection stands for exceptional quality and unfaltering durability.

Our inventory includes all types such as D-Shape, Full Circle, Half Moon, Kidney and Pie-Cut designs to accommodate any cabinet.  We also have an abundance of material choices such as wood, polymer and chrome to accommodate any cabinet style and cabinet size.

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