Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wood Products:Top 5

Decorative wood accents can help personalize and add style to your kitchen cabinets or furniture.  From corbels to knobs and pulls, has the perfect wood product to make an ordinary household into an extraordinary domicile. 

We have compromised a list of beautiful Wood Products that will make your home sizzle:

Hand carved wood knobs and pulls adds the perfect finishing touch to your cabinetry.  Available in a variety of wood species, they are easy to match with existing décor.  The authenticity of our hand-carved handles and knobs from Grand River will instantly add a touch of artistic detail to your or cabinetry.  These intricately carved pulls can be either stained or painted to match.

                                      Wood Corbel
Wooden Corbels are used to add visual definition to a space or soften the sharp edges of your architecture.   Since the 12th century Corbel were cleverly used to accentuate but also support a projecting wall.  In modern times they can be used to dress up shelves, countertops, fireplace mantels and much more.  Use our Wooden Corbels to highlight cabinet detail or accent the wood type of the specific project on hand. Wood Corbel Appliqués are magnificent decor-enhancing pieces!

Whether it is for new construction or a remodeling project, incorporating Kitchen Island Turnings into your design is a great way to achieve architectural detail. Choose from a variety of styles and species suitable for kitchen islands, cabinet accents, mantles, bars and furniture! Kitchen Island Turnings are available split for custom projects and the new hollow turnings are not only lighter-weight, but offer a convenient way to conceal wiring.

                                               Wood Tambour Doors
A Wood Tambour Door is an up-and-over door made of narrow horizontal slats and "rolls" up and down by sliding along vertical tracks and is typically found in cabinets.  At we have a selection of the finest Tambour Doors on the market.  All doors are cloth backed, hand sanded and ready to finish. We also offer an array of track systems for appliance garage or most any tambour application.  When choosing a Tambour Door note that slat length refers to the right to left dimension of the Tambour Door. Height refers to the top to bottom dimension of the Tambour Door. 

Wood Veneer is a diverse product that’s also good for our planet. The use of Wood Veneer stretches the use of timber resources.   The more veneer used, the fewer trees need to be consumed.   Produced by Flexible Materials, Wood Veneers have set the standard for best quality, reliability and selection in the industry. With our fine selection of backed Wood Veneer sheets, we can fulfill most any project need.  

Buy with confidence from knowing that special measures are taken to ensure the safe arrival of your Wood Product directly to your home or job site!  Log on to now to see more of our Cabinet Hardware collections!