Friday, December 17, 2010

Why Clip top BLUMOTION Hinges? by

CLIP top Blumotion Hinges are extremely user friendly and cabinet friendly. These dynamic hinges provide many great advantages for assembly and adjustment.

Cabinet doors close silently and effortlessly regardless of the weight or closing speed. The Blumotion hinge soft close mechanism is integrated in the hinge cup. This provides the quality of motion you have come to expect from and Blum.

The elegant design of Clip top Blumotion hinge creates a sleek, sophisticated look while remaining easy to install and adjust.  It’s so easy to install, there is no need to hire a cabinet professional for installation.

Have really light weight doors? The Blumotion function can be easily deactivated on one of the hinges. Doing this gives smaller doors the same high quality of motion it would to regular or heavier doors. Simply slide the switch on the hinge cup, and then close the door. This creates a quicker, but still silent close.

In addition, with the Clip top Blumotion, you can now use thicker doors - up to 1 inch thick depending on the application.

The new design of theses ensures that the door does not make contact with the cabinet face even with smaller door gaps.  Clip top Blumotion hinges is the ideal hinge to accommodate every cabinet application.

Why waste money on expensive cabinet installers?  We offer Cabinet Hardware such as templates, tools, and assembly aids that will ensure the highest precision to install your Clip top hinges.

Also, there are some added features and benefits to these hinges that set them above the rest. They include:

Soft close mechanism is built into the hinge cup
Deactivation switch for small or light doors
New pivoting point for thicker doors
Compatible with all current CLIP mounting plates
Extremely reliable CLIP mechanism
Easy assembly and adjustment along with Blum offers these superior hinges at prices at the most affordable prices on the web.  Currently, we are offering the Clip top Blumotion Hinges for up to 47% in savings.  That’s a price that can’t be beat.

The elegant design of CLIP top BLUMOTION creates a sleek, sophisticated look while remaining easy to install and adjust.

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